When will my order be shipped?

Orders are shipped out in bulk every THURSDAY AND FRIDAY. This means that if you place an order on a Wednesday, it will ship on THURSDAY OR FRIDAY. If you place an order on a Saturday, it will be shipped out the following Thursday. This applies to all orders, domestic and international. 


Do I get a tracking number?

Orders under $25 do not ship with USPS tracking. If your order is under $25 and you do want USPS tracking, please select the paid shipping option at checkout instead of the free shipping option. 


How long will my order take to ship?

Based on our experience, it may take 7-10 business days for your order to make its way through the mail system. If 7-10 business days have passed since you received your shipping confirmation email and you still haven't received your order, please send an email to afopatches@gmail.com so I can send a replacement order your way. My post office is notoriously slow, and sometimes (very rarely) orders will get lost in the mail system. If this happens, I will send a replacement order to you. 


 Why is International Shipping so expensive?

Bro, ask the United States Postal Service. It's insane. I wish it was cheaper to ship to people outside of the US, but even with my Shopify discount on shipping, it still costs me ~$17 to ship a 2 ounce bubble mailer out of the country. Sorry boys.


When do monthly subscription patches ship out?

Monthly patches are posted for sale on the site towards the end of the month for anyone to purchase. However, if you subscribe to the $5 monthly patch subscription, your patch will be sent out on the day of the month that your subscription starts. This allows subscription members to get their patches before they are available a la carte. For example, if you start your subscription on March 14th, your next monthly patches will be sent out on April 14th, May 14th, etc. This is a limitation of the recurring payment plugin that I'm using to handle automatic monthly order creation. 


What is the Garage Sale?

The garage sale is a page on the site where I offload some of my old personal gear. I used to do it through eBay and Tacswap, but I figured I'd post them here instead. The items listed on the Garage Sale page are usually pretty heavily used, but will always be in working order. Due to the used nature or these products, all sales are FINAL for garage sale items. No refunds. Shipping within the United States ONLY. Items listed on the garage sale are sold AS PICTURED. Most items are missing original packaging and possibly some accessories. If it is not included in the image on the product page, it is not included in the sale. 


Why can't I pay with PayPal?

PayPal's policies show that their core tenets do not align with my own. They will fine users up to $2500 if they spread "misinformation", and they have shown time and again that they are adamantly anti-2A by banning and fining users that are discovered to have legally purchased firearms and firearms accessories using their service. While I do not sell firearms or accessories on this website, I refuse to give PayPal my business for these reasons. If this dissuades you from shopping on this site, sorry.


Do you take commissions?

At this time I am solely focused on releasing my monthly patches and fulfilling orders for Monthly Membership subscribers. I am not currently taking custom patch or sticker orders/commissions. Sorry!




If you purchase one of our patches, feel free to post a picture of it on Instagram! If you tag @afopatches in that post, we'll DM you a code for a free patch! In order to receive your code, your DMs need to be open. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive your code. IG Story posts do not count. This promotion can be claimed ONCE per customer. The discount code will remove $7.99 from your order total, which is the default price for a majority of patches on the site. This discount code cannot be combined with other discount codes.



With any order placed (excluding monthly automatic patch orders), the item "Free Random Patch" will automatically be added to your cart. You will receive an additional patch with your order, chosen completely at random. The free random patch can also include patches that are not yet released. The item is added to your cart using a plugin through Shopify. This plug-in sometimes will experience a glitch where the item is not shown as added to your cart, or more than one free patch is added to your cart. I personally pack and ship every order, and include one free patch in every order regardless, so if you don't see the "Free Random Patch" item in your cart, don't worry. I'll make sure you still get it. 

This works the other way around too. I'm not an idiot. Don't think that you can just place a bunch of separate orders for 99 cent stickers and try to rack up a bunch of free patches. It's one per customer, per order, within reason. If you place two orders back to back, you're just getting one free patch. If you don't like it, cope.


Other questions? Ask away!